Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Weinergate: "I Can't Say With Certitude" That Isn't My Bulge In That Underwear

That's what Rep. Anthony "Horshack" Weiner said about the photo of an erect weiner in underwear sent by his Twitter account to a follower (video linked from The Other McCain).

Can't say with certitude? Look, it's pretty simple. Either it is or it isn't....there should be no gray area.  If you're that unsure, maybe we should put Principal Carter and Coach Ballbricker on the case (Viewer Warning: Salty Humor in video below may be offensive to some....apologies, but this occasion calls out for this clip).

Luke Russert, from all accounts, was real hard on Weiner (sorry!), compare that to Wolf Blitzer.  Ace of Spades (h/t American Power) says Blitzer is asking "the most candy cane questions possible."

Only good question: "You would know if this was your underwear, right?" Answer: Laughs, changes topic (thanks for flashing that again to me).

He is now alleging that picture may have been doctored. His private security firm will get to the bottom of it. Keeps hitting "when you're named Weiner you get jokes like this" crap.

...Now Wolf is essentially congratulating Weiner for handling today's kitty-cat interview better than yesterday's. Also tells him how wonderful his wife is.

Good Lord All Mighty, he hits the "Weiner joke" non-excuse again. Folks, this is just because his name is Weiner. Happens thousands of times a day, to people named Weiner.

Oh my God, attempting to get Weiner to help himself, Wolf puts the words in his mouth, "And you're not ruling out law enforcement?" Weiner again declines, again. But Blitzer takes it as a "maybe," so he's innocent.

Motherf**ker. And he congratulates him with a hand-shake and says to Weiner, "You should have done this yesterday." Good job, Anthony! With me playing press agent, instead of Dana Bash playing reporter, you almost didn't embarrass yourself!

CNN anchor comes back and hits the "Weiner joke" again, it's all just that.

The Dana Bash interview never happened.

It is now to be suppressed in favor of Take Two with Walking Vagina.

It never happened. It is an unterview.
Emily Miller tweets a photo saying she stood close to where Weiner was standing while making lewd jokes towards them.

Donald at American Power also has a link to a Daily Mail article about Weiner's women he was following on Twitter, including a porn star named Ginger Lee.
Professor Jacobson has a poll at Legal Insurrection, asking if Weiner will resign before the next election.  Are you kidding?  Democrats never do these kinds of things, they blame others for their foibles.  Plus, there's probably enough fools who'd be willing to vote for Weiner again, because they hate Republicans and conservatives that much more.

You watch.  When Weiner does admit he did this, he'll use the "it's my private life" and "there are more pressing matters affecting us" card like Slick Willie Clinton did, when admitting he lied about Monica Lewinsky.

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