Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tim Pawlenty Attacked With Glitter By Code Pinkos In San Fransicko, CA

Is it becoming open season to assualt Republican Presidential Candidates, with glitter?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, some nut attacked Newt Gingrich and his wife with glitter at a booksigning.

Today, in Sodom by the Bay (San Fransicko) former Minnesota Governor and GOP Presidential contender Tim Pawlenty was attacked with a "glitterish confetti" by the pro-Communist, pro-Islamic terrorist group Code Pinko (LA Times h/t Kristinn at FreeRepublic).

Tim Pawlenty was minding his own business running for president, signing books at an American Health Insurance conference Thursday when two women representing Reproductive Rights and CODEPINK sprinkled pink, glittery confetti on the former Minnesota governor.

Complaining that the Republican doesn't have "the courage to stand up for gay rights and women's reproductive rights," the two women opened manila folders filled with confetti and doused the man who in 2010 vetoed a Minnesota bill that would have allowed gay couples the right to the remains of their deceased partner.

"Marriage –- defined as between a man and woman –- should remain elevated in our society at a special level, as it traditionally has been," Pawlenty explained in regard to the "Final Wishes" bill that would have also given domestic partners rights to sue in wrongful death cases.

Code Pinko is also linked to President Richard Milhous Obama, as co-founder Jodie Evans was a top bundler for the corrupt President, has been to the White House and had photos taken with him at fundraisers.  The group also donated $600,000 to Iraqi insurgents (with the aid of Barabra Boxer & Henry Waxman) in Fallujah, Iraq while fighting U.S. Marines.

This has happened twice, which begs the question, where is the security for our Presidential candidates to where these left-wing domestic terrorists can assault people with confetti?

If security won't do the job, maybe someone is going to have to hand out a citizen's ass-whipping on these agitators.

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Wraith said...

Shouldn't this "Antiwar organization" be protesting the FOUR wars Obummer has us involved in?

Out of Iraq: NO
Out of Afghanistan: NO
Congressional approval for Libya: NO, with a big "FU" attached.
Congressional approval for Yemen: HUH? almost seems like their agenda has more to do with politics than pacifism. Naah. Couldn't be.