Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thank You, Texas State Senator Chris Harris

My home state of Texas is in the process of going after the cities known as "sanctuary cities," who aid in breaking immigration law by giving shelter to illegal aliens without fear of being deported.

This past Monday in Austin, a hearing was held on SB 9, and one of the people testifying against it belongs to an illegal alien "rights" group in Austin, when the following exchanged happened with Texas State Senator Chris Harris of Arlington.

So now, Sen. Harris has been coming under attack by liberals, those who aid and abet illegal aliens, as well as liberal news outlets like the Austin American-Snakesman. The race card and all other liberal knee-jerk reactions are being used against the Senator.

Well excuse me! I don't think "illegal" is a race, so quit this throwing the race card crap. Also, if you or I decide to go into anther nation, and live there for a time, guess what? If you want to communicate effectively, you have to speak the language there. If any of these liberals think they can go to Mexico and cry "racist" when they won't let them speak English, in of all places government testimony, they've got another thing coming.

The Senator is right. I think this guy intentionally gave his testimony in Spanish, as a way to verbally flip off the Senators and the State of Texas.

So, thank you, Senator Harris, for speaking some truth and common sense.


Paula said...

I agree with your comment "....Well excuse me! I don't think 'illegal' is a race, so quit this throwing the race card crap."

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! I wrote Sen. Harris (my state senator) and thanked him for representing me well. Also, did you notice that the committee co-chair (a democrat) said that Sen. Harris was just representing his personal opinion. I also wrote that senator and told him that no, he was representing my (and I believe) many others' opinion as well. Great job Sen. Harris!