Friday, June 24, 2011

Source - Texas Governor Perry Will Run For President

According to this at the Daily Beast, linked by the Austin Business Journal (via FreeRepublic).
Add another one to the already-lengthy list: Rick Perry has decided to run for president, an informed Republican source says. The Texas governor had previously ruled out a run, but he picked up several top staffers after Newt Gingrich’s staff imploded and was said to be reconsidering. Perry will announce his run sometime this summer, likely before the Iowa Straw Poll on August 13. With his outspoken Texas attitude, accent, and approach, he’d provide a strong contrast to smoother-talking, calmer, more northern candidates like Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, and Tim Pawlenty, and has social conservative bona fides to boot. But for what it’s worth, his camp officially says he’s still thinking about it.

I have to say, with family and friends still in Texas, I hear a lot about what a good job he's done there (I even remember his first statewide run for elected office). I wonder though, if the stigma of another Texas governor running for President might hurt him nationwide.

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Anonymous said...

I think he would be a strong candidate. He' been governor of the Great State of Texas so he's quite familiar with border control issues and joblessness. Even though the jobless rate in Texas is still high, he's created more jobs in Texas than the other 49 states combined (per Fox News). If he can get the border under control, that would certainly help to alleviate some of the debt crisis. America needs to take care of her own, first. I understand why people come here, but they're draining us!