Thursday, June 23, 2011

SICK! PETA Uses Murder Of Baby In Microwave To Promote Veganism

Actually, sick is mild for what you're about to read.  This is just demented, evil, and mentally ill (FOX 40 Sacramento, via Drudge Report on Twitter).
A national animal rights group is using a recent Sacramento case about a mother allegedly microwaving her child to death as the inspiration for an ad campaign.

PETA released a statement to FOX40 explaining the new billboard “that features the image of a person who is about to pop a pork chop into the microwave next to a picture of a loving mother pig and reads, “Everybody's Somebody's Baby. Go Vegan.’ ”

The group says they are in negotiation with outdoor advertisers to put up this billboard “in the wake of Tuesday’s arrest of a Sacramento woman for allegedly microwaving her infant daughter”.

Ka Yang faces allegations she put her 6-month-old child in the microwave and turned it on. The baby girl was found dead earlier this year. Yang admitted to Sacramento officers she had a seizure and dropped her baby on a space heater. However, investigators say that is not possible based on the burn marks, which they identified as being from a microwave.

Yang was assigned a public defender at a Thursday court hearing, she’ll be in court again on July 14th.

PETA’s founder, Ingrid E. Newkirk stated in the press release that all animals mourn the loss of their babies when they are taken away. “We're horrified at the thought of microwaving a helpless baby and hope that this billboard will open hearts and minds to the grief of other mothers who have their babies torn away from them simply to satisfy humans' fleeting taste sensations," says Newkirk.

Newkirk is the last one to speak on the subject of killing animals. According to PETAKillsAnimals, the supposed animal rights group has killed over 25,000 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens that could have been adopted.

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