Friday, June 03, 2011

"She Molested Me!" Woman Screams At TSA Search

On May 28th, at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, a woman is shown in a YouTube video screaming for police after she said TSA agents molested her, according to YouTube user rynomaz111.

But it gets worse, the TSA agents, who have been the subject of similar videos because of their heavy-handed, fascistic search procedures, tried to stop her son from filming.

Video above is a longer version of one posted at Breitbart TV. (H/T Weasel Zippers).  The London Daily Mail has more on the story.
A woman screamed frantically for help in an airport terminal after claiming she was 'molested' by officials during a security pat down procedure.

The unidentified passenger yells hysterically that she has been molested after a female security staff member touched her breast during the screening process at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video footage filmed by her son shows the woman burst into tears after the alleged 'sexual assault', while other staff members tell her son to stop filming the distressing episode.

The woman, who was travelling with her son and husband, had refused to go through a full body scanner and was pulled aside to undergo the airport's pat down procedure instead.

When a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official pats her down 'inappropriately', she bursts into tears and screams for help from police.

As she is surrounded by airport officials, she can be heard yelling: 'I've just been molested - for God's sake somebody help me.

'I can't believe he just touched my breasts - this is illegal.

'I can't believe he just did that to me, I want a police officer now.

'He just molested me - none of you care.'

While her son films her mother's outburst against staff, he is approached and told: 'I need you to leave - are you done with the screening process?

He is then told: 'You are not allowed to film, you need to leave.'

The woman's son can be heard replying: 'They didn't say anything about me filming, they just said to walk away.'

Staff then attempt to remove the man by wrongly telling him his filming activities are illegal.

A male member of airport staff tells him: 'I have told you it is against the law.'

The man stand his ground by responding: 'I'm in a public space. Show me the law or statute and I promise I will stop.'

Agents also threaten to confiscate the man's luggage, despite him already going through the screening process.

As airport officials eventually back away from him, the man says: 'This is not right, not right at all.'

Then, apparently talking to passers-by who ask why he is filming, he adds:

'They groped my mother. My mother has never had to go through the screening process.
The Daily Mail reports that a Texas woman won a $2,000 judgement against TSA, for a search at the Corpus Christi, TX airport that resulted in her breasts being exposed.  Videos have been released showing young children being "searched" in areas that parents tell their kids not to let strangers touch. 

One TSA agent in Philadelphia was found to have child pornography.

A former Miss America said that a screener at DFW airport fondled her vagina.

The State of Texas tried recently to pass a law limiting where TSA agents could put their hands.  When the Senate took up the Texas House's bill, the Obama Regime strong armed the Senate to stop the bill by threatening to stop flights to the Lone Star State.

Maybe every state in the union should simultaneously pass laws against the TSA just to rebuke the Regime.

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Anonymous said...

Too precious by far! These guys are all about me,me,me and my rights(sic). There is no concept of community at all. What about the rights of fellow travelers to feel secure about those whom with they travel. They should have been refused boarding to this and all subsequent flights. If this is their reaction to US security measures, let's hope they don't travel to Morocco!!