Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Says Code Pinko Who Interrupted Netanyahu "Made Me Proud" -- (UPDATED) Supporter Of Traitor Bradley Manning Also Speaks

Not surprising, we have one of the most far-Left members of Congress promoting incivility in the House of Representatives against our ally Israel.

Code Pinko Activist Rae Abileah interrupted Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu during his speech to Congress last month, in violation of House rules for guests in the gallery.  She was arrested and later claimed she was injured.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey, who represents the aging hippie socialists in Marin and Sonoma counties, had Rae speak at her anti-America rally in San Rafael this past Saturday.

After chanting "Not one dollar, not one dime" against Israel, Woolsey said Rae "made her very proud."

Original video above shot by YouTube user kj4justice

Remember that Lynn Woolsey, the defender of the rapist of a Terra Linda teenager, also aided Cindy Sheehan in her attempt to interrupt President George W. Bush at the 2006 State of the Union address.

Lynn Woolsey is showing that she proudly supports not just the elimination of Israel, but she also supports and gives aid to a group who gave $600,000 to Iraqi terrorists in Fallujah, Iraq when they were fighting US Marines in 2004.

And Democrats wonder why many question their patriotism, since they're always found on the side of America's enemies.

UPDATE; Thanks to another YouTube video from user berniestephan, I was able to get the following screen shots of the anti-America rally.  Such as other members of the anti-Israel crowd in attendance.

Besides a Vietnam-era draft dodger and the Code Pinko activist, Woolsey (below) was not ashamed to stand with a supporter of the traitor Bradley Manning.  The speaker below supported Manning, who illegally took classified documents and leaked them to Julian Assange and Wikileaks, and asked he be freed from prison.

Dumb hippies mock Uncle Sam, thinking wars are only fought to keep "fat cats" rich.

The MorOns from MorOn.org were there.

Did someone tell this MorOn that Bush and Cheney are no longer President and Vice President, or has he been so stoned the last three years he hasn't noticed?

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Anonymous said...

Code Pink has morphed from an anti Iraq war group to anti Israel and anti Jewish neo nazi brigade. I wonder who is paying them for their conversion.