Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Obama's Surrender In Afghanistan Speech - What A Disgrace! Referred To Himself 12 Times, Doesn't Thank Gen. Petraeus

I just finished suffering through Obama's speech about Afghanistan and it was a disgrace.

Jerks like John McLame and Lindsey Grahmnesty want to call Republicans "isolationists?"  In reality, Richard Milhous Obama is the isolationist.

First, Obama takes a swipe at his predecessor, attacking the Iraq war (as all liberals have done), and say everything that was done then was wrong.  Then, the fool wants to reference his illegal war in Libya, where other nations (France) are taking the lead, and he says that's how wars should be fought.  Are you crazy?  Ninety days into this and NATO cannot even overthrow Quadaffi.  Listening to him, he has no knowledge whatsoever on how to fight or win a war.

Remember that Obama dithered for three months when Gen McChrystal wanted the surge troops.

This speech was not in the best interests of American security, it was all in the best interest of Richard Milhous Obama's political future.  He wants to regain his anti-US military base (Code Pinkos) who brought him to office.  His speech was nothing different I'd hear from some of these anti-war drones who scream "money for healthcare, not warfare," except it was "nation building here at home." This was about America's national security being too costly to pay for his and the Democrat's failed socialist schemes like endless bailouts, Obamacare, and green jobs.  We're running out of money and he's looking to cut.  The military is always the first place liberals look to cut.

Al-Queda and the Tall-ee-ban are laughing and high-fiving each other tonight, and Obama is making sure all those who died in Afghanistan have died in vain, as well as the fact (like Iraq) a new generation may be going back to fight there in 10 years, because we weren't willing to finish the job.

So much for the promise that Afghanistan was the war we had to win (see earlier).  This was what I feared ever since 2001, that liberals only saw the War on Terror as capturing or killing one man, Osama bin Laden.  Then, it was time to come home and forget about getting rid of the other terrorists who were willing to take his place.


I wasn't watching the speech on TV, but Mark Levin was just saying there was no American flags behind Obama when he gave his speech.

Addendum - I looked at the video, and there was one flag on his right on the podium, but none down the hallway.  It would not be visible once the camera zooms in.  Interestingly, when Bush spoke on the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the 2007 Iraq war speech, there was a flag behind him, in camera view.

Thanks to Alana Burke, via Twitter, I missed this.  Obama asserted that Afghanistan is no longer a terrorist threat to America.  Really?  Then why are the Tall-ee-ban trying again to recapture the nation?

Fox Nation: Obama Doesn't Thank Gen. Petraeus.
Wednesday night, President Obama addressed the nation and explained his plans for bringing home American troops from Afghanistan after a successful surge operation. Obama referred to himself over a dozen times but never mentioned General Petreaus, the architect of the troop surge. Obama called the surge one of the most difficult decisions he's had to make as President, in a speech directed towards electoral politics.

What a horse's ass! More "me, me, I, me, I." The decision to send the surge troops was a difficult one, it took three months and several rounds of golf to ponder that move.

No wonder he didn't thank Petraeus, the General thought the number of troops Obama would start to withdraw was too high, according to the LA Times.  Yeah, Obama was in a hurry and (like Libya) only wants to hear the information he wants to hear.

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Deekaman said...

I don't know that I have a big problem with declaring victory in A-stan and coming home. What I don't like is the way in which it is being done. I never liked the idea of "Nation-building". Armies are for killing people and breaking things. Let the build their own. If they are a threat, we kill them and break their things.

For The Chosen One to take a shot at Bush is not surprising. In his own reprehensible style, the Community-Organizer-In-Chief must run against Bush for 2012 because he has no success to run on.