Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Tone Alert: ESPN's Kenny Mayne Tweets "Almost Rammed Car With Palin Bumper Sticker"

It isn't the OLM (Obama Lapdog Media) that is exhibiting a psychotic hatred of Sarah Palin this weekend.  It is also Kenny Mayne, an on air personality at ESPN.

Earlier today, he sent out the following "tweet" on Twitter (h/t

almost rammed car with palin bumper sticker. with intent.. held up..coulda been kids in car.

Gee, that was very compassionate of you, Kenny the Hateful Liberal.

Newsbusters noted that, in 2007, Mayne's "signature call" when calling basketball games was "Obama." He is also a celebrity endorser for Progressive Insurance, which is owned by Peter Lewis, who has funded many far-Left political organizations.

I guess Kenny didn't get the "new tone" memo from his hero Obama, in the wake of the Tucson shooting.

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

I want the far Left to be as publicly unhinged as possible. The more they act this way, the more the indies move toward us. The Left has overplayed its hand here in Wisconsin and elsewhere, thereby telegraphing its intent. And regular folks don't like it.