Thursday, June 09, 2011

New Low: LA Slimes, Washington ComPost, & New York Slimes Wouldn't Vet Obama In 08, But Asking For Volunteers To Dig For Dirt In Palin E-Mails

Do you wonder why I call so-called "mainstream news media" outlets the Obama Lapdog Media?

Most daily newspapers and networks gave glowing coverage to Richard Milhous Obama in 2008.

There were sexist assaults on Hillary Rotten Clinton in the Democrat Primary.

The Washington ComPost ran more favorable stories on Obama than they did negative in 2008.

No media outlet would ask about unrepentant domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, nor were the "Journ-O-listas" very interested in Obama's racist "spiritual advisors, Jeremiah Wright and his Vanilla Ice counterpart, Fr. Michael Pfleger.

In October 2008, the LA Slimes would not release videotape they claimed to possess of Obama's attendance at a party for Rashid Kahlidi, which allegedly turned into a "Jew bash."

All these supposed "objective" journolist outfits regularly attack conservative media, especially "citizen journalists" for exposing stories that they refuse to cover.

However, the Washington ComPost, the New York Slimes, and the Los Angeles Slimes--three protectors of President Richard Milhous Obama--want to make sure Sarah Palin comes no where near entering the GOP 2012 primary....and they're enlisting the help of their readers.

I don't know who Elizabeth Scalia is.  I really don't care.  She apparently doesn't like Sarah Palin.  But even she gets it, and is more objective to see the kind of blind, insane, psychotic hate that the two Slimes papers and the ComPost have.  She writes at her blog:
PALINISTAS MAKE ME CRAZY: Okay, we all know that! Question the woman, and they come out in full-force, with knives between their teeth, and you just want to say “take a breath! Take a pill!” But then you read something like this and you almost understand why they are so reflexively defensive of her. The same press that wouldn’t vet Barack Obama, and barely questions 2400-page policies is looking for the public to find dirt on a private citizen who has been out of office for two years? She is so in their heads, and their hate is so naked, that the WaPo and NYTimes don’t realize how destructive this move is going to be to their own selves. When even Palin non-fans and fence-sitters (like me) are offended by this — you’re talking EPIC fail! As with Barbara Walters last week, they’re letting their hate lead them into a self-destructive place. How will it go for Palin? She wins.
So all you liberals who scream and whine about how much so-called "Faux News" is "opinion journalism," shove it, because you're full of crap.  What the LA Slimes, the New York Slimes and the Washington ComPost are doing goes beyond "opinion journalism," it is "liberal advocacy journalism."

One must ask the question, are The Washington ComPost and these other Palin assassins-with-pens being funded by the deep pockets of the far-Left sugar daddy, George Soro$?

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