Monday, June 13, 2011

New Hampshire GOP Debate - Afterthoughts

The seven contenders (thus far) for the Republican nomination for President debated on CNN tonight.

My impressions:

Pawlenty hurt himself being timid about going after Mitt Romney on the subject of government-run health care, backing off the "ObamneyCare" comment he made yesterday.

Ron Paul, though right on many economic issues, comes off looking like a mix of Ross Perot and Ralph Nader, a certifiable nut.

Herman Cain really impresses me, the more I watch him.  Notably, the way he corrected John King on the question of a "litmus test" for hiring a Muslim to work in his administration.  Will there be free Friday night Godfather's Pizza for America in a Cain Administration?

Newt is desperately trying to resuscitate his hope for the Presidency.  He backtracked even more on the Paul Ryan Medicare Plan, now trying to say his statement was "taken out of context." Hard to believe.

Michele Bachmann did a great job, and could speak from her experiences in the House as being a principled conservative voice against TARP and the phony stimulus.  One word of advice to her....dump Ed Rollins.  He won't help you at all.

Rick Santorum gave good answers. want to like the guy, but he comes off as just being too slick.  His appearance, the way he talks.  He neatly evaded his flip-flop on the abortion issue.  That, as well as RomneyCare, and his belief in the man-made fraud known as glo-BULL warming, are his weak spots that need to be hit upon.

I note also that Pawlenty did answer the question about who was the better VP candidate in 2008, even saying Sarah Palin would make a fine President.  Romney dodged the "who was the better VP choice in 2008" question by stating any of the candidates on the stage would make a better President than Obama.

MORE: Donald Douglas at American Power:
Bachmann hit a home run, and Romney did well too. See National Journal, "EXCLUSIVE: Political Insiders Give Debate Nod to Romney, Bachmann" (via Memeorandum). Bachmann looked extremely well prepared and on point, and her announcement that she filed papers for a presidential run was a PR coup.

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