Monday, June 20, 2011

McCain Mouths Off Again: Attacks His Own Party As "Isolationist"

John McLame, perhaps the worst GOP Presidential candidate since Bob Dole, showed yesterday what a complete idiot he is (The World Today).

This is isolationism. There has always been an isolation strain or isolation strain in the Republican Party, the Pat Buchanan wing of our party, but now it seems to have moved more centre stage so to speak but I do want to send a message and that is that we cannot move into an isolationist party.

The RINO Senator from Arizona was backed up by his obedient lapdog, Sen. Lindsey Grahamnesty of South Carolina (Polutico).
"Congress should sort of shut up and not empower [Libyan leader Muammar] Qadhafi," Graham said on NBC's "Meet the Press."

Who said anything about empowering Qaddafi, dumb ass?

There are a lot of reasons to question the "kinetic military action" in Libya. First, what is the strategic goal and why are we there. True, Grahmnesty has said the Regime has been vague about this, and it appears as if there's just a "throwing pebbles" approach to this action. Three months later and Qaddafi hasn't been toppled?

Who are these "rebels" we're helping? There've been reports al-Queda is mixed in among them. This is a legitimate question....are we aiding our enemies? No one in our government has answered this.

Most important...what is the threat Libya poses to the United States? They haven't been a threat since the 1980s, and note that the War in Iraq and terror forced Qaddafi to give up his weapons programs voluntarily. He's basically been neutered.

Obama and most of the liberals are being hypocrites, as I said last night. For all the screaming about "illegal wars" under Bush (there were none), he is breaking US law on Libya, no matter what you might think of the War Powers Act. Just the fact he's doing what the Left accused Bush of doing--picking and choosing the legal opinions he wants to listen to on Libya--is proof of how much Obama cannot defend this action. Saying the UN okayed it doesn't work either. The UN doesn't supersede US laws.

As far as Afghanistan and Iraq, I have supported involvement in both conflicts and still do.  What I don't support is how this Regime has spent the last two years fighting a half-measures war.  You don't win wars that way.

I find it funny, that the dastardly duo of McLame and Grahamnesty can attack the GOP for isolationism, but haven't been as tough over Democrats who have spent the last 40 years aiding and abetting America's enemies like the Communist Soviet Union and the Islamofascists.

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