Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kokesh, Code Pinkos & Other Hippies Hold Jefferson Memorial Hostage Today

Thanks Jonn, for the link!

As they promised after last weekend (and got free media announcements via DC TV news) Adam "Elvis" Kokesh, Medea Benjamin and that sissy boy Tighe Barry of Code Pinko, and assorted other hippies held the Jefferson Memorial in Washinston DC hostage in an act of disrespect under the guise of free speech.

Video on You Tube via Russia Today.

The Daily Caller has more info:

Police closed the Jefferson Memorial slightly before 1 p.m. Saturday and ushered out a crowd that was challenging a ban on dancing inside the monument.

No arrests were made during the “dance party” that had been called after five people were arrested one week ago for silently dancing.

At noon, a crowd assembled on the steps to the monument, then entered the hall and circled the statue of Thomas Jefferson. A substantial number of reporters and photographers watched.

No efforts were made to arrest the large group of dancers, but after a half hour, police announced that they were closing the monument and began to usher people to the exit.

As the monument was cleared of participants and press alike, several people remained, dancing gleefully in front of SWAT team members who had arrived.

Participants included members of Code Pink and supporters of Republican (???) presidential candidates Ron Paul and Gary Johnson.
So there you have it, far-Left America haters, hippies, libertarians and dope smokers (Gary Johnson advocates legalization of pot, Ron Paul wants to legalize kookiness), trying to turn the memorial to one of our Founding Fathers into Woodstock DC.

Anyone who reads or watches media coverage will be fooled into thinking this is about "free expression."  No it isn't.  Kokesh has a reputation as a troublemaker, back from when he was busted from trying to illegally smuggle an Iraqi pistol out of the country, and posting racist fliers at George Mason University.  Want to know much more about this clown?  Jonn at This Ain't Hell has all the info about him.  Code Pinko?  Well, they're just anti-American, anti-military and pro-Islamofascist terrorist.

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What a bunch of Maroons.