Wednesday, June 08, 2011

It Can't Get Any Worse For Weiner - Wife Pregnant As He Admits X-Rated Photo Is Him

Maybe I could be wrong?  But how much worse can it get for Anthony Horshack Weiner?

His wife is pregnant with their first child (NY Times).

The same day that a X-rated photo of him that he tweeted to a follower was taken off of Andrew Breitbart's mobile phone by shock jocks Opie and Anthony, in a breech of trust with Breitbart (ABC).
But the appearance of a photo of a man's genitals added yet another aspect to what appears to be a sex scandal without actual sex in the age of social media. According to conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart, Weiner sent the picture of himself to one of the women with whom he corresponded online.

The Associated Press has not been able to independently confirm that the photo is of Weiner. On Wednesday, spokeswoman Risa B. Heller noted in a statement that Weiner had said at a news conference on Monday that he "has sent explicit photos. To reiterate, he has never met any of these women or had physical contact with them."

The photo made its way to the website Gawker by a circuitous route, after Breitbart showed it to the hosts of Sirius XM radio's Opie and Anthony Show.

By day's end Wednesday, at least six House Democrats had called for Weiner to step down.
But the pervert isn't stepping down, and according to the New York Post, Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin is changing her name to Tammy Wynette, standing by her man and trying to save his political career while carrying his child.

Publicly humiliated Huma Abedin won't ditch her lecherous husband, and is actually working overtime to help salvage his gravely wounded political career, a close friend told The Post.

She even hunkered down with disgraced Rep. Anthony Weiner in a New York hotel Monday night -- an incredible show of support just hours after a blubbering Weiner confessed to three years of sleazy online flings.

"She loves her husband very much. She is committed to her husband and her marriage," the close friend said.

She's adamant that her husband does not resign, and is optimistic that he can continue his career as an elected official.

"I think people have weathered worse," said the source.

"They are still talking all the time about what to do [to survive the scandal]," the source said, adding that they plotted his political comeback while at the hotel.
Showing once again that the only difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals have no morals or values to live up to.

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