Sunday, June 12, 2011

Golf Today, Trip To Puerto Rico On Tuesday...Obama Too Busy To Be President

For his 11th straight weekend in a row, Richard Milhous Obama played a round of golf today, which was also his 72nd round of his Presidency.

Then, on Tuesday, he's taking a trip to Puerto Rico (Washington ComPost).
Cheering crowds in the steamy tropical heat are expected Tuesday when President Barack Obama makes a rare presidential visit to Puerto Rico.

But the nearly 4 million U.S. citizens who live on the island and can’t vote in the general election aren’t really the point.

Organizers are hoping this trip, the first in decades by a president to the U.S. Caribbean territory, will generate good will on the mainland, particularly in Florida, where the fast-growing Hispanic population will be essential to Obama’s re-election effort in 2012.
Is that all he cares about, re-election when he hasn't done a damn thing to deserve it? Especially when he's trying the strategy of pitting Americans against each other by race, ethnicity, and class.

That's far from being the "uniter" Obama claimed to be as far back as 2004, as well as his 2008 Presidential Campaign.

All it looks like is that Obama is too busy to handle the tough job of President. Instead, he's an insecure, narcissist who is desperate for a cheering mob.

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