Saturday, June 04, 2011

George Allen Gives Democrats "Macaca" Bat To Hit Him Over The Head With

Does George Allen really want to win back the US Senate seat he lost back in 2006?

It doesn't seem like hit. Instead of being silent about it, he apologized once again about a media-produced scandal against him from the 2006 campaign (Politico, h/t Sister Toldjah via Twitter).
George Allen apologized Friday for using the term “macaca” to describe a campaign tracker during his losing 2006 campaign.

“You don’t brood over mistakes. You learn from ‘em and you improve,” the former Virginia senator, running to reclaim the seat, told hundreds of social conservatives at the Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington. “And during my last campaign, I never should have singled out that young man working for my opponent, calling him a name. He was just doing his job. I was wrong to do that to him, and it diverted our campaign away from the real issues that families care about.”
It's completely stupid to bring up this non-issue. Instead of focusing on the past, and a word he threw together that the Washington ComPost twisted into some kind of racial slur (most people never heard of the word), he should be focusing on the failed Obama policies, and why Virginia does not need another liberal rubber stamp vote for the Regime like Tim Kaine.

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