Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Far-Left San Francisco Chronicle Punished For Standing Up To Obama's Bullying, Won't Be in First Lady's Press Pool

First Lady Michelle Obama is headed to the Bay Area and California, doing a couple of fundraisers at taxpayer expense.

But the notoriously Left-wing San Francisco Chronicle, as well as their political reporter, Carla Marinucci, will not be part of the press pool. Keep in mind the Obama Regime's Ministry of Propaganda bullied Marinucci back in April, telling her she wouldn't be part of the press pool because she took video of protesters in a fundraiser headlined by President Richard Milhous Obama.

Joe Garofoli at SFGate writes:
To other sentient beings, Comrade Marinucci was -- and pardon the technical term here -- "reporting the news." News that MANY other non-journalists who were there at the fundraiser were recording with various camera phones. And she was perfectly within her rights to do so, The Chronicle has asserted.

Why we're re-telling you this story: First Lady Michelle Obama comes to the Bay Area Tuesday and neither Comrade M -- nor anybody at The Chronicle --- will be the local pool reporter. Handling that gig will be two reporters from the Oakland Tribune. One is the Trib's hunky, bearded political reporter Josh Richman and the other is a higher education reporter.

So just to get this down for the record, we asked the White House what was up. And with all due respect -- as we're sure he'll do a terrific job -- why was a higher ed reporter chosen to do the pool reporting on a political event in San Francisco?

The White House responded that pool reporters are chosen on a rotating basis.

"No reporter, including Carla Marinucci, has been banned from covering future presidential events and the White House of course would have no problem including any reporter who agrees to follow the rules in pool-only events," White House spokesman, Adam Abrams told us.

"Pool reporters are selected on a rotating basis and with the understanding that they will share all content with their fellow journalists," Abrams said.

That is a crock of crap. This Regime has constantly tried to bully news outlets who dare ask probing questions (Fox News) and some White House Press Corps members' questions are ignored by Propaganda Minister Jay Carney, as well as when Robert Fibbs held the job.

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