Saturday, June 18, 2011

Communist, Terrorist Supporting 9/11 Troofer Van Jones At Nutroots "I've Had All I Can Stand Of Fox"

This is the modern-day Left, when they're not throwing things, they're having onstage temper tantrums.  This is the Communist, racist, al-Queda terrorist supporting 9/11 troofer Van Jones at the Nutroots convention in Minneapolis. (HotAir Pundit).

New video: Jones to Glenn Beck "I will debate you anytime, anywhere"

VAN JONES: "You listen to me, you listen to me. These are our values, don't you tell us no more we don't love our country, you don't know this country. We work in neighborhoods you won't go into fighting for liberty and justice...You're not America...Quit abusing our country.

I don't think people who "love our country" hold racist rallies in Oakland, CA the night after 9/11 where the terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans were called heroes.  Van Jones, the hero of today's far-Left kooks did that.

One more thing, if you wanted to debate Glenn Beck, why didn't you call the red phone?  He'd make mincemeat out of you, Commie Van.

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