Thursday, June 02, 2011

Commie 9/11 Troofer Van Jones: Paul Ryan Is Worse Than That Terror Group I Defended In Oakland On 9/12/01

Van Jones, former Obama Regime "Green Jobs czar," admitted Marxist and 9/11 troofer, keeps showing us all how radical the Regime is, especially to have associated themselves with him.

The Blaze issued a video showing Comrade Jones speaking at the Yes Magazine anniversary ball, and said that Paul Ryan was worse than al-Queda.

Al-Queda, you know, that Islamic terrorist group that committed the act of terrorism on September 11, 2001 that Jones blamed on the US Government (until he was caught), and the same terrorists he and other racist Bay Area radicals defended in Oakland, CA the next night, while the remains of the WTC was still burning.

"It's the bombs that the government has been dropping around the world that are now blowing up inside the U.S. borders." "We've got something stronger than bombs, we have solidarity. That dream of revolutionary change is stronger than bombs."

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