Monday, June 27, 2011

Chris "Thill Up My Leg" Matthews Smears Michele Bachmann: Praising Founding Fathers = Slavery

Now that his boy crush on Richard Milhous Obama is threatened by a strong, powerful conservative woman, the drunk Chris Matthews took to MSNBC to smear Michele Bachmann (Newsbusters).
After playing a clip of Michele Bachmann longing for a return to the "Founders' vision of a constitutionally conservative government," MSNBC's Chris Matthews on Monday assumed the Republican presidential candidate meant "slavery."

The Hardball anchor offered bizarre analogies, questioning former RNC Chair Michael Steele on Bachmann's 2012 campaign: "What is this, Michael? The Protestant Reformation? That somehow we're going back to the purity of the original Christian church?"

Immediately jumping to the worst interpretation, Matthews continued, "We're going back to the original perfection of slaveholders and how perfect they were and government is the enemy. She speaks pure Tea Party lingo."

After Steele asserted that Bachmann was simply "reminding us of foundational principles," the liberal anchor smeared, "What? Slavery?"

I won't even try to explain this to "Furrball" because what the hell does a former aide to Tip O'Neill and Jimmy Carter know about the Founding Fathers anyway.

Newsbusters also has a compilation of other attacks on Bachmann, including several by Matthews.  Something about strong conservative women offends these liberal "men" who claim to champion women.

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