Sunday, June 19, 2011

BREAKING: Bomb Threat On Plane At DC's Reagan National Airport (UPDATE: All Clear Given)

From Baltimore Jewish Life, via
BREAKING: Officials are on scene of an aircraft that landed at Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC after a bomb threat was made against the aircraft. Details are still sketchy, however, sources tell that a K-9 unit has detected a suspicious bag on board the aircraft. The aircraft and area around it has been evacuated.

NBC Washington has more details.
Authorities said they have diverted a commuter flight at Reagan National airport because of a bomb threat.

The FBI said a man made the threat in person at a ticket counter in Dayton, Ohio.

Takeoffs and departures at Reagan National halted for 20 minutes on Sunday afternoon while authorities investigated "suspicious activity" on U.S. Airways flight 2596, which had come in from Dayton, Ohio at 1 p.m.

The FBI said that the plane was close to the airport at the time the threat was made, which is why they allowed it to land.

The airline said the aircraft is a CR200, carrying 44 passengers and 3 crew members.

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority said that the plane was taken off of the main runway to a section of the airport where security personnel continue to investigate. Passengers have been allowed to deplane but are being held during the investigation.

A ring of security vehicles have the plane surrounded on the tarmac, sweeping for explosive devices. The FBI, TSA, and other law enforcement agencies are working together in the operation.

Authorities took the man who made the threat into custody and were questioning him on Sunday afternoon.

The FAA is advising passengers that incoming traffic is being delayed, which in turn is affecting outgoing flights. Customers flying should check with their carriers.

More updates as they come.

UPDATE: From Breaking News on Twitter, the "all clear" was just given.

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