Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Abusive, Dry Drunk Alec Baldwin Attacks Michele Bachmann With Crude Twitter Message

The celebrity bully known as Alec Baldwin is rearing his ugly head again (Water Cooler, Washington Times).
30 Rock" actor Alec Baldwin took to Twitter on Tuesday evening to rant and rave about Rep. Michele Bachmann's fundraising ability.

Mr. Baldwin, who started tweeting last month, suggested that the early success of the congresswoman from Minnesota is a result of her connection with "thuggish interests." He also called her "inarticulate."

"Fear Bachman bc she is raising so much money," Mr. Baldwin tweeted. "Anyone that inarticulate and full of [expletive] (note: the word was "shit") who is raising money that fast is beholden to some mighty thuggish interests."

Mrs. Bachmann, meanwhile, has relied mostly on large numbers of small donations to drive her fundraising campaign, the Associated Press reports.

Baldwin recently defended the sex addict known as Anthony Weiner, because, well, the liberal Hollywood idiot knows a lot about addiction (
Alec Baldwin realized he was an alcoholic when he found himself drinking wine while driving at 4pm in the afternoon.

The actor began boozing heavily when his acting career took off in his early 20s, and the habit soon took a grip on his life. He reveals he would regularly party all night, drinking and snorting cocaine, and then spend hours obsessively playing video games in an arcade before he could sleep.

Baldwin makes the revelation in Christopher Kennedy Lawford's new book Moments of Clarity, in which a group of celebrities discuss their addictions and how they turned their lives around.

Yeah, he's a real model citizen, an abusive, asshole father to his young daughter (audio), alleged spousal abuser to his ex-wife, a bigot with arrogant views of women, and he also threatened his daughter he'd kill himself using pills. Baldwin's behavior is typical of what alcoholics in recovery call a "dry drunk"--someone who puts the cork in the bottle but continues acting and thinking like an alcoholic.

But there's something about women that Alec the Abusive Bully likes using for targets. Could it be because any man his size would probably put his pathetic ass in its place?

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