Sunday, May 29, 2011

What A Way To Start A Sunday, Seeing "Elvis" Kokesh & Code Pinkos Get Their Asses Kicked

The visuals speak for themselves.

Stupid hippies don't like the laws, decide to break them, get arrested and then whine that they're the victims.  How many people had an outing to the Jefferson Memorial ruined because these selfish fools had to make a protest?

That wimp Tighe is screeching like a little girl claiming Medea is his girlfriend (scary!), and watching Kokesh get choke slammed when he refuses the Park Police orders. Ha ha!!!!!

Parents take a look.  When you don't discipline your children, this what they grow up to be.

I'm headed to DC for the Rolling Thunder rally.

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Facetious_Neophyte said...

I know this is months after the fact, but I'd like to ad that I have several friends (who are also fellow veterans) in different branches of law enforcement. Protestors love to paint cops as evil monsters who get their jollies from abusing 'innocent bystanders' but you can be the instant something happens to a protestor then they castigate and threaten to sue them for 'not doing their jobs' because they heeded demonstrator's wishes to be left alone. Sort of like the NYC police whose presence wasn't tolerated, but were still blamed for 'allowing' those OWS rapes to occur.