Friday, May 27, 2011

Video Of Pima County SWAT Raid That Killed Marine Veteran Released

In a follow up to the post on the tragedy in Tucson, AZ, where a Marine veteran was gunned down by Sheriff Roscoe P. Dupnik's SWAT team, a video of the raid was released.  Operator Dan over at This Ain't Hell posted it this morning.

Go to the link for his explanation of the video. He concludes.

Overall, this does not make the SWAT look any better. Additionally, none of the documents released pertain to Guerena’s allegeded criminal connections and Mike Storie keeps pushing the “home invasion crew” story, which as I have pointed out before, contradicts earlier statements from PCSO.
I agree with a lot of those commenting. The "siren" sounds more like a car alarm that went off. I might be wrong, but didn't someone from the department say they wait 15 seconds after knocking on the door before breaking in? It appears they knocked and just knocked the door down less than 15 seconds later.

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