Sunday, May 15, 2011

UpChuck Schumer Proves Democrats Are Not Intersted In Lowering Gas Prices

Think Democrats are interested in lowering gas prices?

Guess again.

This video, found at Virtual Footage, shows UpChuck Schumer, the Brooklyn ambulance chaser, telling a reporter that a photo op outside a gas station is not about lowering gas prices.

"This was never intended to talk about lowering gas prices...this is talking about tax breaks for oil companies."

Over at Carpe Diem, there's some clarification for how much oil companies pay in taxes in 2010.

But facts don't matter to Schumer.  Higher gas prices are always an excercise for him, Babsie Boxer and all the other flat-earthers to act like the boy who cried "wolf" by blaming the oil companies for "price-gouging," "record profits," and "tax breaks."


Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

"To reduce the deficit" says Chuckie-Boy.


Anonymous said...

The dems will never understand that corporations never pay taxes - it's the consumers who pay them i the form of higher prices.