Monday, May 16, 2011

Trump Bows Out, Newt Makes An Ass Of Himself

While I was away at my day job, the big news of the day was that Donald Trump decided against running for the Republican nomination for the Presidency in 2012.

Let's just say he burnt his star out with the birth certificate.  Once that was done, he really didn't have anything else to do.  I never heard him offer a serious solution to the problems we faced.

When he spoke at CPAC, I wondered if Trump's bid was "a serious candidacy or a publicity stunt."  I think it was a publicity stunt.  But he illustrated one thing to whomever the nominee will be...don't be afraid to go after Obama.

Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich showed us all yesterday why I hoped he would not run, minus the fact of the baggage he already carries, by attacking Paul Ryan's budget plan.  He did it in a way that makes one wonder just whose side he's really on.

Newt was digging himself a bigger hole when he was on Sean Hannity's radio show this afternoon, saying Ryan didn't bother to listen to constituents or other groups to gather information on how to best save Medicare.  Well, Newt, last time I remember, he held town hall where a bunch of real astroturf ( / union members) showed up to disrupt.  Even Gallup, not known for being right wing, had a poll showing seniors favorable to the Ryan plan.

Kathleen McCaffrey, one of the team at Legal Insurrection, wrote:
I'll be honest, Newt Gingrich embarrasses me as a history major, an American, and as a registered Republican (forgive me for linking to ThinkProgress video). The only person he seems to be consistently in favor, and in defense of, is himself.
I agree, which is why I've always had a problem with him.  He rolled over and played dead like a dog for Bill Clinton, played footsie with Nancy Pelosi and Al Sharpton, and also was one of those "enlightened" Republicans who said the era of Reagan was over.  It always appeared to me Newt was only interested in pushing conservatism when he had a new book, or Calista and him and a new video to hawk.

In short, Newt has always been a self-promoter.  He's proving it again.

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