Monday, May 02, 2011

Our Military, Not Any Political Party, Deserves The Credit For A Job Well Done (Getting Bin Laden)

I did not want to make this about politics, and did my best to not do that last night. I'm prompted to do so after some of the garbage I've heard today, and seen over the last ten years.

There's a lot of people who have become born again patriots this morning, and late last night.  Some of them got distracted by home, kids, job, finances in the years after 9/11.  Still others were swept up in a patriotic furvor that had nothing to do with celebrating the greatness of our military and our nation.  Their "patriotism" was rooted in the fact that their President and their party could claim credit for the killing of Osama bin Laden, the leader of al-Queda, who targeted American citizens for death and the destruction of our great nation.

Don't get me wrong.  I give President Obama the credit for giving the go ahead for the mission, as well as the correct decision not to bomb the place, and possibly not be able to ascertain we'd gotten bin Laden.  Last night, he had the potential, in some parts of his speech, to give an inspiring, uplifting address to a nation that wanted some good news.

Instead, we got a mostly politically correct speech stating we aren't at war with Islam (even though Islam has been at war with the West for at least the last 30 years), among other things.  Most appalling, and certainly unbecoming of a Commander in Chief, we got a showboating "I, I, Me, Me, My, My" moment for a someone who has started his re-election campaign.  Certain members of his Party (Gary Ackerman and the detestable Debbie Wasserman Schultz) decided to turn this moment and turn it to "in your face" direct or indirect partisan swipes at President George W. Bush.

The stenographers for the Obama Regime, known as the Obama Lapdog Media, have done pretty much the same, because they have a President they have to help re-elect.  The lowest moment of all was the verbal fellatio given to Obama by Ms S.B.S. herself, Joy Behar, and Barbara Wa Wa.  These two snarly hags actually said the 2012 election should be cancelled just because their superman Obama took down Osama all by his lonesome, in their minds.

I don't need self-righteous lectures from this Cult of Obama kool-aid drinkers today.  I stand, and have always stood behind, our troops.  There's a whole bunch of us who spent the last ten years counterprotesting these idiotic hippies and Leftists that protested the war and attacked our military in the most vile manner possible.  Many of them are the same ones who want to claim credit today.  However, a few short years ago, while the Bush Administration was pursuing bin Laden and other terrorists, Democrats, Obama, and their Leftist supporters seemed more interested in taking Bush out politically instead of bin Laden.

"The Great One" Mark Levin played some of their soundbites tonight from the past.  Like when "Tiny" Dick Turbin called our interrogators at Guantanamo "Nazis, Soviets in their Gulags or....Pol Pot."  If "Tiny Dick" had his way, the information gained from enhanced interrogations (waterboarding) would not have produced the information necessary to have killed bin Laden.

I remember the anonymous leaks to the New York Slimes, and how the Democrats were so eager to hang that evil Bush with it.  Never mind that sensitive intelligence sources might be put at risk, and any chance to get bin Laden might be lost.

I seem to recall then-Senator Obama accusing our military of bombing civilians in Afghanistan, and that the lives of our military lost in Iraq were "wasted."  He signed executive orders to close the prisons where pieces of the information gained to kill bin Laden was obtained.  CIA interrogators were attacked, and the Obama InJustice Department wanted to go after CIA interrogators, as well as Bush Administration officials, and try them for the crime (to the Left) of protecting this nation.  In fact, this regime targeted a group of Navy seals for allegedly roughing up a terrorist who killed and hung the burned bodies of American contractors in Fallujah Iraq.

I didnt' mention his former "minister" Jeremiah Wright, and how Obama wrote after 9/11 that "poverty" was a root cause of that day, never mind bin Laden was killed squatting in a compound valued at a million dollars

I remember the most mistrusted man in America, Watler Cronkite, theorizing that Karl Rove engineered bin Laden's pre-election day 2004 message.

You need more?  I've got a long memory, and have been behind this blog for the last five & a half years.

This historic moment is not about any one President, nor political party. It is a testament to the hard work, training, and sacrifices of this Navy Seal Team that performed the operation. They deserve all the credit and a nation's gratitude, as do those who wear the uniform and serve our nation, plus our intelligence operatives who worked for years to make this moment possible.

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