Sunday, May 22, 2011

Obama At AIPAC - Liveblog - Booed At Mention Of 1967 Borders. Whines He Was "Misrepresented"

Barack Hussein Obama is to speak soon to AIPAC.  There are reports of protesters outside, who sound like the Code Pinko / anti-Israel type.

CSPAN Live video

10:39 am - Did Stingy Hoyer just pull the rug out from under Obama?  He said the Memorandum of Understanding must be upheld.  Is this the 2004 document signed by President Bush and approved by Congress saying the 1967 borders were not realistic?

Hoyer just said Israel's borders must reflect "reality on the ground" to wild applause.  Another slap at Obama?

AIPAC President introduces Obama to polite applause.  Couldn't hear any boos.  AIPAC told their members not to boo, in a memo the other day.  Thanks "The Won" for calling for increased funding, et al.
Thanks him for "riding the world of OBL."  No mention of the Navy Seals?

While Obama came out to cheers, it sounded like there were a few boos in the background.

I'm not here to give a policy speech, I did that on Thursday.

11:04 - Look at all I'm doing for Israel.  Me, me, me...blah, blah, blah.

Iran treats their people with brutality.  Yeah, and you didn't speak out against them whenever they were doing it in June 2009.

"The status quo is unsustainable."  Knows what he said on Thursday "generated controversy."

What I said to Netanyahu.  He's essentially repeating what he said on Thursday. Number of Arabs living west of the Jordan River, technology.

Israel's legitimacy is not up for debate.  That is my committment to you.  Sure, your words don't meet up with your actions.

Claims his foundations for negotiations mentioned on Thursday have always been the policy of US.  Mentions again 1967 borders with boos heard in the background.  Claims he was "misrepresented."

Says the 1967 border is a "negotiated border" different from what existed in June 1967.  Is this his "cave-in"?  He sure as hell didn't make that clear on Thursday.

"If there is a controversy, it is not based in substance."

No, it's just easy to claim you were "misreported."  That is the biggest cop out.  This speech stunk of more BS than a Texas cow pasture.

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