Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man Screaming "Allah Akbar" Detained For Banging On Airplane Cockpit Door

On Sunday night, a California man with a Yemen passport was detained by passengers and arrested after he ran down the aisle of an American Airlines flight to San Francisco, screaming "Allah Akbar" (SF Examiner).
The incident happened as the jet was over Modesto, about 15 minutes outside of San Francisco. Almurisi was arrested when the plane landed at San Francisco International.   He was taken to San Mateo County Medical Center where he was treated for abrasions to his elbow and chin that he got as the result of being tackled, police said.    One of the passengers who assisted in subduing Almurisi was a retired Secret Service agent, another a retired San Mateo Police officer.  Almurisi was subsequently taken to San Mateo County Jail.
The unanswered question is the man’s motive.   Almurisi was carrying a Yemeni passport and a California ID card.  Police said the man was shouting something “unintelligible” when  he tried to storm the cockpit door.
A woman whose said her parents were on the flight, told the Armstrong and Getty Radio show that the man  shouted “Allahu Akbar” when he tried to storm the door.   The caller said her parents are Syrian Christians who were returning from a trip to Israel where they visited the Holy Land.    But she said that her parents were never interviewed by police.    
Host Joe Getty said that he talked to a another relative of the couple who told a similar story.   Getty said he was he was concerned because the information about Almurisi shouting “Allahu Akbar” was just from one family.   The hosts noted that since the man was probably shouting in Arabic, his comments were likely labeled “unintelligible” because the witnesses who talked to police did not understand Arabic.   If the caller’s parents speak Arabic, they may have been the only witnesses onboard who could tell authorities what the man said.     
One other passenger who took photos inside the plane and after it landed, says in this video below the suspect screamed that phrase, which has been used by Islamofascist terrorists who crashed planes on 9/11, as well as prior to beheadings of captured Americans.

Jane at Uncoverage also says the San Francisco media and police is trying to whitewash the whole incident.  Reminds me of the aftermath of the San Francisco hit and run jihadist from 2006.

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