Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Lapdog Media Spins Democrat Victory In NY-26

Let the deceptive liberal media spin begin.

There was a special election last night in New York Congressional District 26, which was won by a Democrat by a four point margin.  The Democrats and their stenographers, known as the lapdog media, are so desperate to point this as a major victory for their team, by making Medicare reform part of the issue.

But they conveniently overlook many factors (The Other McCain).
This election was anomalous, as I said earlier today. With 97% of precincts reporting, Jack Davis’s vote (9,495) is more than double Democrat Kathy Hochul’s 4,694 margin over Corwin. However, the impact of Davis’s phony “Tea Party” candidacy — like the blunders of the New York GOP – will be all but ignored as the MSM spins NY-26 as a huge Democrat triumph of national significance.


In the middle of a recession, why would you nominate an heiress for Congress? Not to play class-warfare here, but do you really think that it helps the GOP win over hard-pressed blue-collar voters when you run a candidate who inherited part of a $400 million fortune? You think folks can relate to that?

And why, Republican Party of New York, if you were going to insist on nominating Jane Corwin for this special election, couldn’t you have at least done something to keep David Bellavia on the GOP team? Bellavia’s endorsement of Jack Davis hurt you guys pretty bad, but your campaign was so generally mismanaged that maybe you didn’t notice.

So now we have to listen to Democrats gloat about what a huge setback this is to the conservative movement when, as we all know, it’s just further proof of the incompetence of the Republican Party of New York — as if we needed further proof!
Erick Erickson also notes that Corwin was a New York state legislator, just as Dede Scazaafava and Jim Tediesco.  So, chalk up another GOP loss because of the usual "Good Ole Boy" Network games similar to those in the past that people like Karl Rove and Newt Gingrich have played. This Ain't Hell has more about Bellavia's endorsement of the "Tea Party" Candidate.

New York's Republican Party sounds about as incompetent as the California State GOP: they couldn't buy a hooker in a whorehouse with Donald Trump's money. Besides, why are Republicans letting the Democrats continue to get away with demagoguery over Medicare, when liberals cut Medicare to pay for the risky scheme known as Obamacare?

Speaking of elections, there's one that the Democrat and their lapdogs are ignoring...the Wisconsin Supreme Court race was decided and....the union backed lib candidate lost by 7,000 votes.  So much for the idea that "workers" were going to rise up against the GOP.

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