Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It Gets Worse - (C)Rapper Common Wrote "Song" Calling For Burning Of President Bush

Advocating cop killing and writing tributes to racist cop killers is bad enough.  But (c)rapper Common, who is going to be honored at the White House tomorrow, wrote a "song" where he called for the burning of President Bush (Daily Mail, video linked at Breitbart TV).
First Lady Michelle Obama has invited a rapper who called for the burning of George Bush to perform at the White House.
Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr, who uses the stage name ‘Common’, will be welcomed at an event celebrating American poetry on Wednesday.
He is expected to take part in rap workshops with schoolchildren in the afternoon before performing in the evening.
In footage on YouTube he is seen calling for the burning of the former president. ‘Burn a Bush cos for peace he no push no button,’ the hip-hop artist raps in one video, which has more than 800,000 views.
Other song lyrics reportedly include threats to shoot the police.
The controversial rapper hails from President Obama’s hometown Chicago and has also rapped about the former Illinois senator.
The 39-year-old featured in a video called ‘Yes We Can’, which was made in support of Mr Obama’s 2008 presidential election campaign.
The "lyrics" the Common (c)rapper wrote about Obama go as follows:
I see the I in we, my n***er, yours is my drama
Stand in in front of the judge with no honor
Barack stick, knight the people like Obama
And notice that it is only in the blogosphere, and the British press, that this outrage is being reported.

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