Monday, May 09, 2011

Islamic Terrorist Group Hezbollah Setting Up Shop On Texas/Mexico Southern Border

While Barack Hussein Obama is pushing for "immigration reform" (read "amnesty") in Texas (while ignoring the wildfire damage there) and his Homeland Insecurity Chief Janet Incompitano claims the US/Mexico border is safer than Americans think it is comes this report from my old stomping grounds of the Rio Grande Valley.

Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah is setting up shop across the South Texas border with Mexico, and is recruiting (KRGV-TV Channel 5).
The former director of the El Paso Intelligence Center says they're using the border as a gateway into the United States.

"They are the major leagues fo terrorist organizations, they have sophistication and expertise in building bombs, but also in underground tunnels," says Phil Jordan.

Jordan tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS their first goal will be to infiltrate the Mexican and American Muslims and convert them to a radical way of thinking.

He says the U.S. Government already knows about Hezbollah's operations on the border. Other intelligence experts believe the U.S. Is too focused on slowing the drug trade to identify Hezbollah operatives.

One intelligence agent deep undercover in Mexico tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the group has safe houses all along the border in Mexico.

He says Hezbollah is doing business with the cartels.

"More than likely the cartels get arms from Hezbollah, Hezbollah has direct access to the "Wal-Mart" of the middle east, Syria, and Iran," says Jordan.

He says Hezbollah leaders make their money off the drugs coming into the United States.
I've linked here to reports of bombings and killings in Mexican border cities of Reynosa and Matamoros, as well as a missionary who was killed, border incursions by suspected Mexican military, and weapons, uniforms and other items found on the South Texas border.  Falcon Lake, where one American, David Hartley, was killed last year and his body never recovered, has been an area where "pirates" have attacked boats in the area.

Just yesterday, there was a shootout in the Falcon Lake area that killed one Mexican Marine and as well as some of the gunmen.

How can you pass off this insecurity as "security," Janet Incompitano?

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