Friday, May 27, 2011

House GOP Women Respond To Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz' Hate Speech

Apparently, Debbie "Thunderlips" Wasserman-Schultz, the new DNC Chair, didn't get the memo from the White House about the "New Tone" after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Yesterday, along with her faux paus about Republicans not pushing American made cars (she drives a Nissan), she made the following statement.

"It's just so hard for me to grasp how they (Republicans) could be so anti-women as they are,"

Women Republican US House members have responded to Thunderlips' hateful comments (, h/t; Tania at Midnight Blue via Twitter).
“Apparently it’s open season on Republican women. Between Ed Schultz’s tasteless insult of a conservative woman radio host, and Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz’s comments that the Republican Party is ‘anti-women,’ the tone in Washington, D.C. has reached a new low.

“Debbie’s accusations are baseless and inaccurate. Republican women fight every day for the women who can't start a business because of burdensome taxes and regulations, for the women who worry that we are capping their children's future and trading it to China in exchange for cheap loans, for the women who deserve to make their own health care choices, and for this year's young women graduates who are entering a job market stagnated by Washington-driven uncertainty.

“It’s disappointing that Democrats would rather call names and use such divisive language than find areas where we can work together on behalf of American women and families.”
This isn't the first time Wasserman-Schultz has engaged in this kind of rhetoric.  She's even used the Ten Commandments as a political weapon, according to The Daily Caller.

Human Events has a list of her Top Ten Outrageous Quotes:
“We see a clear attempt for the government to back out of its commitment to seniors. As a result, many seniors in America will be forced into poverty, and worse. Some seniors will end up dying because they are forced to put off getting that pain checked out due to huge out-of-pocket costs that will skyrocket for them. … This plan would literally be a death trap for some seniors.” (in referring to Paul Ryan's budget plan).

“Is it a violation of the House rule wherein members are not permitted to make disparaging references to the President of the United States? In two previous gentlemen’s statements on the amendment, both of them referred to the Affordable Care Act, which is the accurate title of the health care reform law, as ‘ObamaCare.’ That is a disparaging reference to the President of the United States. … It is clearly in violation of House rules against that.”

“Diversity on the bench is critical. As practitioners, you need judges who ‘get it’! We need judges who understand what discrimination feels like. We need judges who understand what inequality feels like. We need judges who understand the subtleties of unfair treatment and who are willing to call it out when they see it.” (on empathetic judges)

“We must expose the stark difference between the Democrats fighting for the middle class and Republicans fighting for the elite and the ultra-wealthy.” (typical Lib class warfare card)

“I represent one of the largest gay populations in the United States of America. One of the largest Jewish populations in the United States of America. Our region has a very large African-American population. It really is belittling of the respect that we should have for these groups to suggest that members of the armed services have somehow systematically been the victims of hate crimes.” (she hates the military)

“The effects of global warming threaten global environmental upheaval over the coming century. But for South Florida and the Everglades, it could be our death knell if urgent action is not taken.” (Glo-BULL warming clap-trap)

“I don’t see any swastikas or any pictures of the President in black face or burned in effigy here. The difference between the way we express our First Amendment rights and the way I’ve seen Tea Party extremists—Republican Tea Party extremists—express their right is dramatically different.” (Demonizing Tea Party members at a rally near her office)

“After my daughter heard that, you know, Gabby had been shot, the first thing she asked me was, you know, ‘Mommy, are you going to get shot? Does that mean you're going to get shot? … But Mommy, Florida's going to pass an immigration law like Arizona and then people are going to be mad at you.’ ” (shamlessly politicizing shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and border enforcement laws)

“The sleeping giant has been awakened,” (referring to Gov. Scott Walker taking on unions)

"This past election (2010) was tough. We must do a better job of clearly articulating our accomplishments to the American people." (we're just too dumb to realize how great liberals are).
She's as hateful and mean-sprited as that caveman, Alan Grayson, which is why I've given her the nickname "Thunderlips."

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Beer, Bicycles and the VRWC said...

Is it possible that the "balls" of the GOP belong to the women? I hope someone in the GOP has the stones to hit back. Right now, the GOP looks neutered.