Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Go To Hell, Hippie!" Leftist's Planned Flag-Burning At LSU Thwarted By Patriotic Crowd (VIDEO)

A planned flag-burning by some Leftist idiot supporting another jerk who caused over $7,000 in damage to a war memorial, well, didn't go as planned today.

Let the video tell the will put a smile on your face.  Chants of "Go to Hell, hippie!" (YouTube user fellfam09, via Weasel Zippers).

Pundit Press has a video from YouTube user reedlenox, where an ex-Marine told the following to the protester (Language warning):

Ex-Marine- Now hear me. I spent eight years in the Marine Corps fighting for my country. [Ruckus applause from crowd, Marine receives several high-fives] I got out to come home and finish my degree. And like my grandmother always told me: I respect your right. And I respect your right to be wrong. And I hope you will respect my right, in return, to tell you to shut the f**k up. [Loud applause, screams of support from crowd. After several seconds, Marine and crowd break out in chants of USA, USA. Dozens wave the American flag]

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