Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Father Of "American Taliban" Traitor From Marin County "Since Bin Laden Is Dead, Can My Boy Come Home?"

Frank Lindh, the ultra-liberal Marin County resident whose son, John Walker Lindh, converted to Islam and joined the Taliban in 2001, wrote another screed asking America for sympathy for his treasonous son.

In his weepy piece, written in Sunday's New York Slimes, Lindh the elder compares his son to Ernest Hemmingway while claiming (falsely) his "Ratboy" (thank you, Michael Weiner) was unarmed and, instead was a "scapegoat" ,a "precursor to the mistreatment of many prisoners, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, by the American military during the George W. Bush era."

In other words, it's all Bush's fault (spoken like a true Marin County, CA liberal idiot).

Debra J. Saunders, writing at SF Gate, pokes holes in Lindh's (or Ratdad) fallacious claims.

6. In or about late May or June 2001, the defendant agreed to attend a training camp for additional and extensive military training. In or about June 2001, the defendant traveled to the al-Farooq training camp, a facility associated with Usama Bin Laden, located several hours west of Kandahar, in Afghanistan. In or about June and July 2001, the defendant remained at the al-Farooq camp and participated fully in its training activities, including courses in weapons, orienteering, navigation, explosives and battlefield combat.

7. Having sworn allegiance to jihad, in or about July or August 2001, after completing his training, the defendant traveled to Kabul, Afghanistan to assist the Taliban. In or about July or August 2001, the defendant carried an AKM rifle issued by the Taliban while he traveled, together with approximately 150 non-Afghani fighters, from Kabul to the front line in Takhar, in northeastern Afghanistan. Between about September and November, 2001, the defendant's fighting group was divided into smaller groups, and rotated in one to two week shifts in the Takhar trenches, opposing Northern Alliance troops.
Lindh the Ratdad also takes the opportunity to attack the father of a patriot, Johnny Micheal Spann:
Mr. Spann’s father has pushed for harsh punishment. I respect his grief, and his son’s heroism. But his belief that John somehow was responsible for, or could have prevented, the death of his son is mistaken.
According to all accounts, the younger Spann questioned Ratboy before the uprising that took his life.  Ratboy did not attempt to warn his fellow American that there was danger.  He remained silent, which, contrary to Ratdad's assertions, made him complicit in the murder of Johnny Micheal Spann.

Daddy Lindh also calls for Barack Hussein Obama to release Ratboy from prison early before completing his 20 year sentence.  I'm sure Frank Lindh's campaign contributions to Obama in 2008 (and maybe 2012) will aid in that? (OpenSecrets.org)

Frank Lindh is the quintessential Bay Area liberal - a selfish prick who cares only about his wants and needs and disregards the world around him.  He did that when he left his wife and kids to pursue his new life.  He did not provide his son direction in the form of discipline or a concept of "right or wrong."  Growing up in Marin County, I'm sure the concept that the United States was a racist, imperialist nation, was the only "wrong" that little Johnny Marin Taliban was taught.

Instead of illustrating a sense of humility and remorse, Lindh's liberal selfishness rears it's ugly head again, in his constant false claims of his son's innocence.  In doing so, he sides with other Islamic jihadist terrorists as being "mistreated" while attacking the family of a patriot who don't have their son, husband, and father.

There should be no early release for the treasonous Ratboy.  In fact, the only mistake our military made was not executing this filthy bastard on the battlefield when they found him and throwing his carcass to the sharks.


Anonymous said...

Nice. I had no idea this guy lived in Marin. Let his son rot.

Andrew said...

your a dumb ignorant piece of shit thats why nobody read this article besides me and the other dumb piece of shit that commented get your facts right before you report on things I can only hope that all of the horrible things that can happen to a person happen to you and only you