Tuesday, May 17, 2011

DISGUSTING! - Israel Hating-Leftists Protest Inside A Church Service Honoring The Jewish Nation

The far-Left showed the depths of their moral depravity this past Sunday in San Antonio, TX.

Pastor John Hagee of Cornerstone Church held a special service honoring Israel that attracted the attention of the anti-Semite element of the far-Left in the Alamo City.  What occurred can be seen in this video (The Blaze, via Gateway Pundit).

Pastor Hagee wrote the following open letter to Glenn Beck, via The Blaze.
Sunday morning, May 15, 2011, at Cornerstone Church in San Antonio was a day set aside to express our appreciation for the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Hundreds of churches across America and around the world joined us as we stood in solidarity with Israel in this time of crisis.

What I didn’t know was that eleven anti-Israel protesters came to our 11:00 am Worship Service pretending to be worshipers. They sat in different sections of the church; some in the balcony and the majority on the main floor. As it turned out, none of them were Palestinians, they were all local radical activists.

As I stood to deliver the sermon, one female “Palestinian protester” stood at the edge of the balcony and began throwing anti-Israel propaganda leaflets on to the main floor of the sanctuary. She was not screaming; she was throwing leaflets by the handful on the heads of the people below.

The propaganda leaflets said, “We stand in solidarity with Palestinians and demand an end to U.S. support for Israeli occupation, apartheid and violations of the human rights of Palestinians. We stand in solidarity with the Third Intifada demanding the right of return to occupied territories.“ One side of the propaganda leaflet has the picture of a mother burying her child under the caption ”Your tithes are responsible for this!” The leaflet claimed Israel was responsible for the deaths of 1500 children since the year 2000.

...Five minutes later a third protester stood and started screaming fanatical propaganda phrases against Israel that are used all over the world to attack Israel and the Jewish people. I now knew we had a major and highly organized protest on our hands whose objective was to shut the service down to prevent this nationally televised tribute to Israel. I told my congregation at this point: “The objective of these protesters is to shut down this tribute to Israel…I’m going to finish this sermon if it takes until 6:00 pm tonight.” The congregation cheered like it was the Super Bowl. These protesters did more to unite our congregation in one hour than a dozen preachers in the past few years.

Protester after protester every five minutes stood, screamed slogans and was escorted out by security. We finished our service in one accord and with total joy.

The protesters were taken to the chapel where they were photographed, identifications given and charged with criminal trespass by our officers. If they return to church property they will be sent to jail. Some were sent to jail immediately because of outstanding warrants for their arrest. One third of the staff of a local non-profit, the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center, participated in this anti-Israel church invasion.

In reviewing the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center facebook page it appears that at least five more of the eleven protesters participated in past protests publicized by Esperanza. Esperanza Peace and Justice Center receives tax funding from the City of San Antonio and the State of Texas.
Esperanza also has received Federal Funding:

The group has also had allegations of anti-Semitism made in the past.  Barry Block, rabbi of the Temple Beth El, told San Antonio Current in 2006:
I read essays in La Voz that were extremist anti-Israel essays, to the point that they were saying Israel should not exist,” says Block. A brief excerpt from “Dardasha,” an article by Nadine Saliba in the July/August 2006 issue: “For decades now … Palestinian women have played a central role in alleviating the socio-economic devastation of the Israeli occupation and in addressing the … psychological wounds visited upon the Palestinian people as a result of Israeli atrocities and indiscriminate violence.”
But the so-called "peace" protesters never mention the suicide bombings and indiscriminate killings of Israelis by the Palestinians do they?

I hope Pastor Hagee and his staff have taken screenshots of the Facebook pages and other information.  I checked and didn't see any information, just that phone numbers had changed, so they've apparently been doing some scrubbing of their site.

But really, is the Left so immoral and filled with such hate for Israel and Christianity that they will now interrupt services in a House of God to make their political opinions?

Link to a petition to the State of Texas to cut funding to this Esperanza group.

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