Saturday, May 14, 2011

Deep Purple: Bands Who Won't Play In Israel Are "Wimps"

If you know classic rock and roll, these guys are still around (though not with all the original members): Deep Purple.  The video below was from their 1984 comeback, which I remember as a sophomore in high school, cranked up in the parking lot after marching band practice.

Over the last couple of years, there's been a number of dhimmi musicians, including The Pixies, Peacock Gap's Che Guevara-loving Santana, and Elvis Costello (the same guy who once used racial slurs to attack James Brown and Ray Charles) who have publicly stated they won't play in Israel because of alleged treatment of the poor Palestianians.

Deep Purple is an exception (, via Bookworm Room).
Ahead of their third Israeli tour, English rock band Deep Purple took a stand against other musicians who cancel their concerts in Israel due to politics, saying artists should not take sides in political conflicts, with drummer Ian Paice calling these musicians "real wimps."

...Deep Purple's vocalist Ian Gillen stressed to reporters that musicians should remain impartial in political disputes, and likened this to making the assumption that Deep Purple supported all of Tony Blair's policies because they gave a concert in London ten years ago.

Guitarist Steve Morse quipped that left-wing groups did not know what to say to them when they refused to cancel performances in Israel. Saying that in any case, Deep Purple doesn't respect politicians in their native England, and questioned why their attitude would be any different in other countries.
Deep Purple aren't the only ones. Elton John played Israel and slammed the boycotters last year. Israeli born Gene Simmons of KISS also had some not-so-kind words for those boycotting Israel.

"They’re fools,” he says. “The countries they should be boycotting is the country's the populations are rebelling against… people want to be free and they don't want a religious guy telling them where to go and what to do."
Good for all these groups/musicians.  Quite frankly, I'm tired of paying money to a concert and having some doped up idiot think just because he has a guitar in his hand and a microphone in front of his mouth, he can lecture all of us about politics.

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