Saturday, May 14, 2011

David Horowitz Speaks At UCLA - "The Left's War on Free Speech"

Donald Douglas at American Power attended David Horowitz appearance at UCLA earlier this week.  He took this video below.

And also wrote the following:
There were rumors that communists and Muslims were planning protests against David Howoritz's talk at UCLA on Wednesday night. The disruptions never materialized, but one couldn't miss how much security David Horowitz requires. He had his personal security guards, of course, and then UCLA police were on hand as well. There were a couple of tense moments when I saw what looked like some leftist students moving quickly up and down the aisles in the lecture hall, but nothing happened. I keep looking over at the event organizers, the Bruin Republicans, as well. They looked apprehensive.
I like to hear David Horowitz speak anytime he's at CPAC, or on TV or radio and if you've never heard him before, listen to him.  He knows the Left because he was once part of the Berkeley/Oakland far-Left of the 1960s and 70s, as well as a confidante of the Black Panthers (the story of his conversion from the Left is amazing).  As in this video, he always hits on the dubious, double standard of the Left.  Just as his comments in the video about how radical Islam oppresses all those whom "progressives" champion, the fact he has to appear with bodyguards speaks volumes about how the Left hates the very "free speech" they've always claimed to support.

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