Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hippie Rock Star Santana Uses Baseball Game To Bash Georgia & Arizona's Crackdown On Immigration Lawbreakers

Thanks Donald Douglas for the link!

I mentioned this idiot yesterday in the Deep Purple story.  Seems like the dope-smoking, 1960s hippie musician Carlos Santana thinks his music is only for those who ascribe to far-Left views (USA Today).
(Carlos) Santana caused a stir in Turner Field on an appropriate day to be talking about social issues.

Santana was on stage to receive Major League Baseball's Beacon of Change award. He took the microphone and said Arizona and the city of Atlanta should be "ashamed" for passing immigration bills, that have been criticized widely as racially motivated.

Santana was booed by some fans in Turner Field.

Gov. Nathan Deal signed Georgia House Bill 87 on Friday. It will allow law enforcement officers to check the immigration status of some suspects and requires employers to check the immigration status of new hires.
Santana spoke with the media in the press box during the Phillies-Braves game and said there should be a boycott in Georgia by Latin workers.

"I would invite all Latin people to do nothing for about two weeks so you can see who really, really is running the economy," Santana said. "Who cleans the sheets? Who cleans the toilets? Who babysits?"
So who's the real racist here?  It's Carlos Santana.  His attitude is like most of those in his rich neighborhood of Peacock Gap in Marin County, CA. To him and other open-borders liberals, Hispanics are only good enough to clean toilets, mow yards, and do the housework.  That's what he implies by his comments. Too many RINOs (McLame, the Bushes, Lindesy Grahmnesty) also keep repeating that idiotic mantra "they do the jobs Americans won't do."

"Che is dead for you, but not for me."  Carlos Santana actually said that!
Consider the source when you think of Santana.  The idiot isn't ashamed to walk around in a shirt that has the image of a Communist mass-murderer named Che Guevara ("Che is dead for you but not for me.").  As I mentioned in the post yesterday, he's one of the dhimmis who gives aid and comfort to Islamofascist terrorists that want to wipe out Israel by boycotting the Jewish nation.  So can I also call Santana an anti-Semite as well?

Put down the hash pipe, shut the Hell up and play the guitar Carlos!  You quit being socially and musically relevant around 1973.

Then again, Jeff Beck could wipe the floor with you on the guitar anyway!


Regina said...

Sad..well you've echoed my sentiments completely- and ya, the shirt just says it all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for exposing this commie fraud! If I ever hear his music on the radio again I will be sure to turn to another station!

Anonymous said...

What an ignorant you are; "El Che " Guevara was not a mass murderer.
If you can use wikipedia you will find out how stupid you are by posting lies and steering idiots like you to believe your crap.
Adios loser!!

Anonymous said...

I drove with a group of adults and children for hours to attend this game and we are still trying to explain to the children why we should be ashamed. Santana was a noisemaker of the 60's. Listen to Los Lobos if you want to hear Latin Rock not ramblimg guitar. Santana never is asked to jam with the greats - there is a reason. I am white and I was there for a game that should have been a lesson for our children. You be ashamed Santana - be very ashamed. And there were no dogs in Atlanta Santana and there is a big state with a huge economical drain by ILLEGAL immigrants. Not Atlanta, Georgia. Please do not come back. You insult this old hippie who tried to teach his children well on May 15th and saw a racist latin has been.