Saturday, April 16, 2011

(VIDEO) New Tone Alert: Uncivil Leftists Protest Tea Party "I Wipe My Ass With The Flag"

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Hat tip to my friend Tania at Midnight Blue (via Twitter) for this video of the Left's "New Tone" in conterprotesting the Tea Party in Portland, OR yesterday (WARNING! language alert).

Socialist Counter Protest to Tax Day TEA Party

DATELINE Portland Oregon - 15 April 2011

Socialists were out in full force to counter the peaceful patriotic Tax Day Protest in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Here are just a few sample quotations found in these clips. "look ... I wipe my ass with the flag every night when I ... when I take a shit man. You got it? Are you gonna to handle about it? Huh? You got any balls? ... Huh? Bring your Mom I'd like to f*ck her. Bring your Republican Mama I'd like to f*ck her in the ass." "Shove the flag up your ass ... asshole." "Hey take a picture of this. Hey you f*cking homo right here." "I'm gonna make a stencil out of this Mother F*cker." "God Damn the USA!"

A lot of the protesters looked like they were on medical marijuana, and showed the photographer their IQ by flashing a single digit.

Remember that Portland, OR is where socialist anti-war cretins have held banners calling for the fragging of our troops, burned them in effigy, and also publicly defecated on the flag.

UPDATE: There's more video from The Blaze link above, including racist insults by teabaggers liberals against a black person attending this same Tea Party (video below).

The man is called an "Uncle Tom," and a "Token" (interspersed with calls for "Solidarity") and slave imitations are done as a show of disrespect. Just off camera in the TEA Party is a Mom with her two small children who are black. Closeups are provided of those involved.

But I don't think we'll hear about this in the lapdog media like we did the phantom "n-word" yelled by the Tea Party last year, which never happened.

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