Saturday, April 02, 2011

"That One" Plans To Announce Re-Election Campaign

Official word is supposed to come any day, Politico breathlessly reports.
President Barack Obama plans to announce his reelection campaign early next week in an electronic message to grassroots supporters, Democratic sources tell POLITICO.

Obama launches with a recovering economy (sic) and a weak, fractured Republican field, but with chaos in the Middle East that adds unpredictability to an environment that points to likely reelection. Obama’s campaign, which could raise $1 billion or more, will be based in Chicago, just a few blocks from the headquarters of his historic 2008 race.

The most likely day for the campaign to file registration papers with the Federal Election Commission is Monday, but officials are not committing to a specific date in case some transcendent event in the world would overshadow the kickoff. Obama aides want to tell their supporters first, and so are not encouraging preview stories by the press.

The president’s announcement will be transmitted directly to supporters through text messages, email and social media, not with an appearance by Obama, the sources said.

The launch could come any time, according to the sources. The website is ready, the donation button has been tested, and call sheets to key political supporters are set.

Yeah and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of "getting in their faces" between now and November 2012.

Despite the glowing environment the White House stenographers at Politico depict, there's not a lot of accomplishments to run on. Unemployment numbers, while down, do not count the number of people who left the workforce, and is still higher than what we were told if the Porkulus was approved. Obama has gotten us into a war in Libya and not being honest with the American people, gas prices are going through the roof and he's going back to the ethanol scam, which will raise food prices.

I haven't even mentioned the debt, which is more than all his predecessors.

But I know, it's all Bush's fault.

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