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“Righteous Indignation” - Andrew Breitbart’s Rallying Cry (Review & Interview)

I don't remember exactly when I first heard of Andrew Breitbart.

I’d certainly heard of and referred to Brietbart TV and here several times. But when I saw him, James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles go after ACORN, as well as the YouTube videos of him taking on people like Max Blumenthal and some other libs at CPAC 2010 face to face, I clapped my hands and said "Hallelujah!"

Why? Because here was someone who understood the Left had long ago declared war on us, and the only way to defeat them was to look them in the eye and take them on.

Andrew Breitbart has a story to tell, and he tells it with passion in his new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save The World, which was just released in bookstores and is available online. It is his second book, (Hollywood Interrupted was his first, in 2004), both books he wrote because he was "compelled to write them."

“I was just fed up with celebrity culture after 9/11,“ Breitbart told me of Hollywood Interrupted. “I wanted to compare and contrast celebrity today from celebrity of yesteryear. Today, (in Righteous Indignation) I’m putting a critical eye on mainstream media for same purposes. I’m not here just to chronicle it like Bernie Goldberg. I’m here to create a rallying cry and be a Pied Piper for Tea Party people to say ‘Enough is Enough’ and take these people (the Left) on.”

Righteous Indignation (with the words ‘Right’ and ‘Nation’ in red) isn't another policy book telling the differences between conservatives and liberals, or a third party perspective of the last two years of the Obama Regime. In addition to his role in the ACORN expose and the dawn of the New Media, Andrew tells of growing up in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, and how going to college at Tulane in New Orleans opened his horizons to a broader world outside Los Angeles. He explains how pop-culture, media, and academia has been used by the Left to win converts and control their message. Most important, he shows how conservatives and patriots can successfully take on the Left.

There's a lot of conservative books that are simply "must reads." Righteous Indignation, however, is required reading and essential for the libraries of conservatives and Tea Party patriots everywhere. You won't be able to read this book just once. You'll refer back to it often, and use Breitbart's tools and battle strategies on how to take on the Left.

Earlier this week, I spoke with Andrew about the book and other topics.

MAROONED IN MARIN – In the book, you referred yourself during your younger years as a “default liberal.” Was that a product of the media world that you, and those of us Generation X’ers grew up in?  (continued on next page)

ANDREW BREITBART - One hundred percent. I mean I was raised by television. I did go to a prep school and I was certainly given what the proper point of view was, and that was liberal prep school. But for the most part pop culture raised me. And that was reinforced by the fact that I was going to school with children whose parents were producing the pop culture. So it was really, in hindsight, impossible to have been granted the other perspective that I’m now far more of an advocate of - the conservativism and the traditional, American, Western civilization embrace was not what I was growing up with. Once I found I was deprived of it, I consumed that information, and it was if I had gotten my spine realigned, and I like I could finally walk and sit and drive and and talk and be comfortable in my own skin. So, I kind of think I was always a conservative trying to get out, but I just didn’t know where, you know, I didn’t know how I could do it.

MIM - You were there at the dawn of the New media, and saw how it could break big news that would otherwise been ignored or shelved by the Old Media.

AB - Yeah, once I realized, though my experiences with (Matt) Drudge and Arianna (Huffington), that if they had a dynamite story, if they had a Watergate on their hands, that they had to figure out how to get it past Judy Woodruff and Bernie Shaw, Katie Couric, Dan Rather, and the Democrat Media Complex. It’s a wall. It’s a barrier. They’re there to fight and fend off and to demonize if they have to. You know, “Kill the messenger” is what they’re best at…

MIM – Right

AB - …and I witnessed them do it to Arianna when she was a conservative and Drudge, and I said you know if I’m going to get into this business, I’m going to make sure that I tell them that I know who they are, and that they’re going to have to contend with an honest person in me who is not going to take shit from them.

MIM - What do has changed today from that time of when Drudge and Arianna broke those stories?

AB - A full scale, socio-political media war, and Katie Couric is the latest victim of it, and the New Media is starting to perceive the Old Media in different and creative ways, and the Left can’t un-ring the bell, that it’s the only game in town in order to tell the story the way it wants to tell it. So I consider these exciting times in the history of media. It’s just that it’s very difficult to get Charlie Gibson or Soledad O’Brien to put a smile on what is the demise of their media country club.

MIM - Or you get people like Martin Bashir who are just looking for “gotcha” points. Speaking of him, has he responded to your challenge?

AB – No, no, no, no. He was never going to respond. He didn’t read the book. That was a sleight of hand, it was the false premise of the interview was “we have offer on and I’m an interviewer.” Instead he got talking points that were clearly, provably from Media Matters that were crafted that day or the day before, because many people with in the halls of MSNBC and within the liberal blogosphere were upset that Dylan Rattigan had been fair to me in my interview with him the day before. So, these people don’t think I pay attention to what’s written on line? And I watched Martin Bashir, and the guy having pretended to have read my book went thought a series of questions that came directly from Media Matters. To say I was prepared for it was an understatement, because somebody in the halls actually came up to me afterwards and said “when you were coming in, they said that this was payback for last night with Dylan Rattigan.”

MIM - Wow!

AB - I can do a thousand interviews trying to make my point and if people read the book maybe I’ll have made the point. But the point could not have been made better of everything that I wrote in the book than the entire way that the Bashir interview debacle played itself out.

MIM - What is new for the “Big” sites.

AB - Well, I’ve got “Big Soros” potentially coming out, and then I have “Big Education” for sure coming out. I think that the academic realm has not been held to the same account as Hollywood or the mainstream media have been held to account, or the political class have been held to account. I think youth, whether K through 12, or college students, are getting short shrift from their professors who feel that their place as their instructors often becomes diverted into political orientation or political indoctrination processes The New Media will be a great disinfectant. Those good teachers have nothing to fear. The majority of good teachers have nothing to fear.

MIM - Not in the sense of ‘who’s going to win the primary’ or ‘who’s going to win the Presidency,’ what do you see happening between now and Election Day 2012?

AB - I think it’s going to be kind of like American Idol at it’s best. This is the Simon Cowell election cycle where America’s going to tune in, because there’s too many “x” factors right now. People are looking for authenticity in this election cycle like never before. I think that a Chris Christie, the very fact that so many people desperately want a Chris Christie, even though he may not be conservative, and he’s certainly not Barack Obama in stealth and telegenic in the traditional sense shows that people want someone who acts on what he says and is willing to show intestinal fortitude. So I think that intestinal fortitude, authenticity, and a true understanding that this is a fiscal crisis driven electoral movement that’s happening on the center right. If somebody can surgically captivate America and come up with a plan, whether it be a Paul Ryan kind of plan or to follow the Paul Ryan kind of plan, and have Scott Walker’s backbone, I think that person – he or she – could win.

MIM - Anything else you’d like to add?

AB - You are my army that I talk about in the book. When I go to CPAC, I’m stand there with my backpack and just I’m one of you guys. I’m just trying to show people that I was at the right place at the right time, and paid attention to what was going on. There’s a lot to learn from people who are lawyers, doctors, and butchers who now want in on this exciting time in media. I’m here to impart upon all that I’ve learned because if you have been here as long as I have and lucky enough to have been in on the new media revolution, I think you too would want to share these things. And so I’m just trying to share with people that which I saw from the beginning of the new media revolution and it’s a great equalizer. There are a lot of elites out there in the vast media country club who are not excited that we’re coming in on Employee Family Day and, you know, the Almond Joy has been dumped into the pool.

MIM – (Laughs)
AB – They’re not too excited about it! I’m doing cannonballs into the mainstream media country club pool, and they’re not happy!

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