Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Obama Leaves Arizona Officials Out of Immigration "Reform" Summit, Except For Vocal Opponent of SB 1070

The Hill reports that Barack Hussein Obama is pushing amnesty for illegal aliens under the Bush-esque sugarcoat of "immigration reform," even though the number of Americans employed is at it's lowest level.

Yesterday, there was an immigration summit at the White House, and among those not invited were officials from the State of Arizona (AZ, via FreeRepublic).

Arizona is considered the "Ground Zero" of the immigration debate, but the names most synonymous with the issue were left out of a White House conference on immigration reform.

Mayors and police chiefs from New York, San Antonio, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia joined former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the CEO of Facebook, officials from JP Morgan Chase, the Bishop of Salt Lake, and other so-called "stake-holders" at the White House Summit on Tuesday.

"How could they not include us in this conversation," asked Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

Neither Babeu nor Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio were invited.

"Why does the Department of Justice avoid me with all my experience in Mexico? I have more experience than any politician has. Why don't they invite me?" questioned Arpaio.

Only one Arizonan appeared at the White House conference. Tucson Police Chief Roberto VillaseƱor, who is a vocal opponent of Senate Bill 1070, was invited to the summit.
But don't worry, the Regime will assure us that politics didn't play a role, just like Texas being overlooked for one of the retired space shuttles.

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azzumba said...

Well.... Maybe Joe was not invited because he once called Obama an illegal alien who was not born in the U.S.??? How can he have an intelligent conversation with the biggest racist, corrupt fat pig? No offense to pigs, since they actually do serve a purpose to this country.