Monday, April 11, 2011

More Contempt For The Military & Veterans From Rep. Jim Moran (D-Asshole)

Jim Moran, known by some in his district as Alexandria VA's town drunk, displayed another case of his well known assholery (minus the fisticuffs he's well known for) at a town hall meeting last week (Video from RetireJimMoran).

A 27 year disabled veteran named Wayne Tunick took Rep. Moron to task for being at a town hall meeting instead of Congress to work on a solution to the budget, as well as the possibility of military personnel not getting paid. Moron, who has shown contempt for the military and veterans several times, attacked Tunick for making "caustic" comments. When Tunick vocally took exception to Moron's backhanded attack, the Congressman (and several members of the audience) told this vet to sit down and be quiet.

No, it's YOU who needs to be quiet, Rep. Moron. It's obvious by the political gamesmanship seen last week that neither you, any other Democrat, nor the President, tried to deny funding to the troops so you could play political games and demagogue those who wanted to make needed cuts.

The fact that too many liberals in the audience backed you up, and keep electing your anti-Semitic, anti-military, pro-terrorist ass speaks poorly of too many in the Reston, Arlington, Alexandria area.

He won't answer questions about the ballooning debt either, showing contempt for anyone who dares to question him and his socialist agenda.

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