Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mark Levin Exposes Donald Trump For The Phony He Is

The other night on his radio show, "The Great One" Mark Levin had the following to say about Donald Trump (video found at Legal Insurrection).

As much as Trump's rhetoric sounds appealing, his actions don't match up with what he's been saying lately. Why is a guy who claims to be a Conservative gives money to far-Left libs like Anthony Horshack Weiner and the ambulance chaser, Schumck Schumer? He called George W. Bush the worst President in American history, now he says that about Obama.

I don't see anywhere where Trump really considered running for President until after the November mid-Terms. In September 2010, he gave this interview with Wolf Blitzed, saying he wasn't sure Obama would recover, admitting he felt differently a year and a half earlier.

Trump also calls the opposition to Obama "hatred" and "animosity." He sounds in the video above like a liberal dismissing opposition to Obama as hate.

What Trump does appears to be nothing new. Time Magazine wrote the following recently:

He has been repeating that sound bite for weeks, as if the nation were just another run-down co-op in need of redevelopment. But his play is not new. Back in 1987, Trump took out full-page ads in several newspapers, criticizing the political establishment, then run by Ronald Reagan, for its coddling of the OPEC countries and Japan. "The world is laughing at America's politicians," ran the copy, which stoked false rumors that he might throw his hat into the 1988 ring. About a decade later, he danced with the 2000 Reform Party ticket, releasing a book of policy proposals that included an embrace of single-payer health care and plans for a one-time 14.25% net-worth tax on all Americans worth more than $10 million. The revenue would pay off the national debt; primary residences, like those in upscale Trump properties, would be exempted.

Don't be fooled by Donald Trump. His talk may sound good, but do you notice he offers no real ideas (I haven't seen him do that, on any of the interviews I've seen) to solve our problems? Donald Trump is not a Conservative. He's a slick, self-promoter who'd do the same if this economy downturn happened in a Republican Presidency.

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Unknown said...

the "economic downturn" did happen during a repugnican administration asshole.