Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Vladimir Lenin Birthday!

....oops, I mean Earth Day. Coincidence that this tree-hugging holiday was held not just on the birthday of the leader of the Soviet Union's Marxist revolutionary, but was started on what would have been his 100th birthday.

Iowahawk celebrates the day with the Earth Week Cruise In .

The mass murdering hippie cult leader named Charles Manson agrees with Algore and Barack Hussein Obama--glo-BULL warming is real. (UK Daily Mail).

Mark Musser at American Thinker writes on The Green Nazis.

Sister Toldjah is taking a poll: What will you do to honor Earth Day? Personally, if I knew someone who had one, I'd take a drive in a Hummer, stop next to every Toyota Pius or Stupidly Smart car I see, put the Hummer in neutral and rev up the engine repeatedly.

Brian Sussman from KSFO writes how Earth Day denegrates capitalism and humans. He also exposes the idiots who celebrate this day in Santa Cruz, CA.

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