Monday, April 11, 2011

Budget Deal Cave-In: If Now Is Not The Time To Fight...When Is It?

While I was away, the government shutdown was averted with minutes to spare, as a deal was reached between the GOP led House, Democrat led Senate...and Big Spender-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama.

I've heard a lot of comments from many on our side over the last few days: pro and con.

Personally, while I agree that getting Obama and the Democrats to go along with cuts is a good thing, the cuts didn't go deep enough, especially after John Boehner promised $100 billion in cuts at CPAC (h/t Connie Hair).

Boehner showed himself to be too willing to compromise so that he didn't appear to be the meanie, as the lib media likes to paint all Republicans. That's even after the demagogues like Barbara "Call Her Ma'am" Boxer and Louise Slaughter put taxpayer abortion funding on the front burner. Slaughter (aptly named) even forgot the "new tone," claiming the GOP wanted to "kill women" with the budget cuts. I don't think so. Slaughter and Boxer are typical liberal feminazis who cannot be called "pro-choice," but more like "pro-infanticide." These two hags have no problems killing an innocent baby via abortion on demand, but will fight the death penalty against the worst murderer.

Forget ideology when it comes to the abortion issue. What business does the government have funding abortion, as well as NPR, CPB, the NEA, as well as a host of other things? We don't have the money. Planned Parenthood gets taxpayer funding because they've bought the Democrats like the cheapest trick on the block. But "fight" is clearly not in Boehner's vocabulary. The demagogues come out, and he's ready to surrender so he doesn't break down and cry.

Republicans want to know why they were ousted from power in because of this type of compromising of their principles. They campaigned on cutting the deficit and the budget, and what have they done? Thirty eight billion isn't even a drop of piss in a bucket.

Democrats and Obama weren't in the mood to compromise on Obamacare, the Porkulus, or any other big government agenda items they rammed through. Why should the GOP compromise with them, especially when the American public elected them to stand up for fiscal sanity.

What is missing in Washington right now is leadership. Boehner and McConnell lack the balls to stand up to Obama, Reid, et al. The only leadership in the Republican Party is people like Michele Bachmann, Allen West, and Paul Ryan, among others.

I know, Boehner will tell us "next time, we're going to get serious." Really? How can we believe you when you had the opportunity days ago and blew it? If this budget showdown wasn't the time to fight, when will it ever be?

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