Saturday, March 05, 2011

WMAL Spins On Grandy Departure, Claim They Never Said He Could Not Discuss Radical Islam

Today, three days after the fact, WMAL management put the following statement up on their website regarding Fred Grandy's departure from The Grandy Group.

WMAL did not terminate Fred Grandy's employment, and never had any intention to do so. Fred informed us on March 2 of his intention to resign from the station. To be clear, at no time has WMAL told Fred that he was not allowed to discuss his views on Islam over the air. In fact, he has done so on numerous occasions. Further, WMAL has not been contacted by any organization seeking to restrict his broadcasts.

Bryan Nehman continues to anchor our morning program and in the interim will be joined by several notable guest hosts and regular contributors. WMAL remains committed to its goal of providing a forum for discussing a broad spectrum of issues while delivering compelling programming including Chris Plante, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin.

I wish Fred success in his future endeavors.

Jeff Boden
President and General Manager, WMAL

This explanation, coming three days after the fact, flies in the face of all the information posted so far (and which I've received as well). That being, WMAL management told him that his wife, Catherine Mann-Grandy (aka Mrs. Fred), was no longer welcome and he had to tone down criticism of radical Islam.

CAIR has had a track record with WMAL as well. In 2005, they got rid of host Michael Graham due to CAIR complaints. According to a WND article, CAIR had also been a critic of Grandy.

So who are we to believe? Is WMAL correct, or is this, as I suspect, a PR move after the fact to fight off the bad publicity and coming boycott this week?

Whatever it is, WMAL management stepped in it big time. Their response to this controversy, coming on a Saturday, doesn't convince me.

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Becca said...

I was intrigued and did a little googling. Turns out even Grandy says CAIR had nothing to do with this:

"“We cannot affirmatively conclude CAIR or any of the prominent Islamic organizations had anything to do with this."

I suspect this is more about poor ratings, and this muslim theory is just a cheap shot by Grandy to cover it up.