Saturday, March 19, 2011

Who Really Is President?

Greta Van Susteren has an interesting post at GretaWire.
The biggest job of any President of the USA is as commander in chief ... making decisions about our military...when we send our men and women into danger ..and when we do not ....and how we protect America. There simply is no more important job.

Right now we are involved in a military action -- Libya! And who, per the media reports, seems to be doing the heavy lifting on the most important issue - military action - facing us? Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is IN FRANCE meeting with the President of France (not their Foreign Minister but their President.)

Would you not think President Obama - on issues involving our military - would be the one meeting with President Sarkozy? President to President?

And who is the leaker? Who is leaking these private hotel discussions? See below
Seriously, you have to wonder.

To dovetail and repeat what I wrote the other night, referring to Joe BiteMe's "Obama's going to be tested" speech in 2008, we're seeing Obama's mettle now. He's out to lunch. He likes the perks of the Presidency but cannot handle the responsibility. The world has looked to the United States for leadership, and he's downgraded us into a nation that follows instead of leads.

This is the end result of someone who votes "present." They never take a hard position, only follow and try to grab the credit afterwards.

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