Thursday, March 10, 2011

VIDEO: Leftist Civility In Wisconsin--Don't Get Your Way? Break Into The Capitol, Bang Things & Fart A Lot

"Adventures in Civility" Leftist style. Breaking into the Capitol building (Daily Caller):

Ann Althouse's husband took this video.

0:15 — See the open window near the Wisconsin Ave. entrance to the Capitol. Then the window is closed, supposedly to protect the Democratic legislator whose office is on the other side. We hear someone say "What's to lose anymore, man?" And somebody else says "What's up with that shit?"

1:08 — You hear Meade saying that he saw people going through the window, before it was closed, chanting "Our house, our house..."

1:55 — Speeches, outdoors. "It's called the Industrial Workers of the World... At times like this, they tend to rise up, and help us accomplish our goals."

2:14 — "When I say Walker, you say douchebag. Walker." "Douchebag." "Walker." "Douchebag."

2:50 — "You can't recall Walker. You have to force him to resign... Strike... We're
going to shut down state government... A series of mass strikes, otherwise it's over... Blockade government buildings... We have to make Madison a shining example to the world... General strike..."

5:33 — "Do whatever is necessary. Because we will win."

7:37 — Meade finds the open door. Chanting: "Our house. Our house. Our house."

8:23 —3 state troopers, seemingly overwhelmed. One says "I'm good." Somebody says "I have an appointment with the Governor. My name is Cocksucker." You overhear Meade describing things over the phone with me. "The troopers are way outnumbered."
She also wrote:
Meade says he got the impression that there is no leadership, and that the people there tonight are newcomers to the protest — almost tourists — and they're low energy compared to earlier days. No one is pushing them out or even asking them to leave, and Meade imagines the protesters thinking "What's the point?" I asked if there were any broken windows or other damage, and he said "No, but there were a lot of farts. Everywhere I went, it was like: Who farted?"

UPDATE: Meade just walked in, and I told him I blogged what he said about farts. He was all: "The farts alone would make you think you think twice about camping out there."
Or be around when Michael Moore shows up again.

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Anonymous said...

Guess what, genius. The Wisconsin Constitution requires that the capitol be open to the public at all times. That means by definition they weren't "breaking in", because any attempt by Walker's thugs to keep the protesters out was illegal.